Gong Seoul Boutique | Comeback after 10 years

Gong is back! Known more as 0cd back in 2000’s, producer singer songwriter gong is back after 10 years. Gong Seoul boutique.

Gong Seoul Boutique

Before there’s SMTM / School Rapper/ Sign Here or any survival program. Aspring artist go through label audition every single year. In 2007, Gong is the winner of Amoeba culture audition, he compete against other 700 aspiring artist. Then as Amoeba Culture member, 0cd (Gong stage name back then) release Anatomy: Surface single album, that was 10 years ago. Now he’s back.

Gong Seoul Boutique Mini album tracklist

  • Haze
  • To You
  • Seoul Boutique
  • Fisherman feat YDG
  • To You

Gong Seoul Boutique

The song released under DJ Doc Superjam Records & Haha Quan Entertainment that both support Gong comeback to the music scene. Music video were made by Hobin who already directed Music Video for Zion T Penomeco & Many more. The Music video really suit the song vibe right?



Gong also filled the OST for HIphoplaya Tomorrow Hangover

Make sure to follow Gong on Instagram : @gongoffcial .



Listen & Purchase to Gong Seoul Boutique EP on Melon, Genie, & Bugs


What do you think of Gong Seoul Boutique? Does the Music style suit your taste?


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