Heize Ha Sung Woon | Remake of late Seo Jiwon Gather my tears

Heize Ha Sung Woon collaboration! The new collaboration is unexpected because the news is so sudden! Whats the story behind this collaboration?

Heize Ha Sung woon

The story of Heize & Ha Sung Woon of Hotshot collaboration start when Heize become a guest at Ha sung Woon Now Radio. The collaboration become a news a day after where Heize Agency confirm that the collaboration gonna happen soon! There’s a disappointment by fans though because the song not gonna be release on music sites, why?


Heize Ha Sung Woon remake Gather My TearsĀ 

Because the song is actually a remake of a hit song by Seo Jiwon Gather My tears so it only uploaded for free through Heize youtube channel. This is also continuation of Dahye (heize real name) remake project where Heize gonna remake old songs and change it into Heize style of music, or in this case, into Heize & Ha Sung Woon style.



The original song is a hit song back in 90’s. Gather my Tears have a really sad story Late Seo Jiwon is a really talented singer, the song Gather My Tears goes high in music show back in 1996, but the talented Seo Jiwon left us early when he’s only 20 years old. Leaving behind one of the biggest what if in South korea Music history & a timeless song that lots of people still remember till today.

Seo Jiwon ‘Gather my tears’

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