Punchnello Doodle feat Baek Yerin Produced by Woogie

Punchnello Doodle. AOMG Debut of Punchnello the newest member of AOMG. A new start for not only Punchnello, but featuring artist Baek Yerin.

Punchnello doodle

THe new song is not only a fresh start for Punchnello who announced as the new member of AOMG by Jay Park on the radio show Broken GPS. It’s also a fresh start of Baek Yerin, now in her own label Blue Vinyl. Don’t forget producer Woogie who been creating lots of great songs, recently the collaboration with Hwasa of Mamamoo In The Fall


Punchnello Doodle Music video

“It still feels like you are just a part of a Doodle” Relationship just like a doodle, as time goes on, the clear lines become blurred. Produced by best friend Woogie, Doodle filled with Punchnello calm rap & Baek Yerin emotional voice, a perfect combination for the season that starting to get a little colder



There’s also a live clip version where Punchnello & Woogie perform together where Nini (Instagram : @tattooist_nini) is helping draw the Doodle for the live clip.

Punchnello Doodle feat Baek Yerin live clip

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