OSAMARI Journey 1 | Full team SIgn Here and SMTM

OSAMARI is back! Both Sign here contestant (Qwala, Walter & Frogman) & SMTM 8 contestant (Slick o’Domar) join this project of Osamari Journey 1 Single album.

OSAMARI Journey 1

OSAMARI have been having a great year in 2019. Qwala, walter & Frogman goes as far as top 6 in AOMG survival show Sign here. Slick O’domar meanwhile goes further on this year SMTM 8, joining 40 crew before eliminated in the 4th round. Now the whole  team is back, OSAMARI!


OSAMARI Candy feat OLNL audio

OSAMARI at SIgn Here

Slick O’domar at SMTM 8

Make sure to follow Osamari crew on Instagram :@Osa_qwala ; @Osa_walter ; @Osa_frogman ; @osa_odomar . They plan to release 2nd part of Journey soon!


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What do you think of Osamari Journey 1? Does their music style suit your taste?