Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook Ep 466 | Peakboy 1st appearance

Peakboy! The talented rookie from Neuron Music share his story, talent & more through Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook ep 466. Peakboy 1st appearance

Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook ep 466

Peakboy keep making TV appearance recently. After appear and steal the scene on Yoo Jaesuk program ‘How Do You Play’, Peakboy appear on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook Ep 466.

Peakboy is a guest alongside


Peakboy thanks his best friends

This is the first time that Peakboy appear on Yoo Heeyeol SKetchbook, he’s really nervous. To start his segment, Peakboy thanks his best friends Park Seojoon, Choi Wooshik & V of BTS that take their time out of their busy schedule to accompany him today to Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook recording

Peakboy talent show

Peakboy cover Paul KIm The Road

Peakboy is a talented singer-songwriter-rapper-producer. Yup Peakboy can do it all. In the program Peakboy show his singing voice by covering fellow agency member Paul Kim hit track ‘The Road’.



Peakboy journey is not with a flower path, he’s actually did multiple part time jobs just to buy musical equipment to do music. The hardest part time jobs he did is a truck loader for a year.

Peakboy Kelly

Peakboy MMM

Peakboy perform his hit track MMM that tell a story about ambigous relationship before a couple start dating. In the program Peakboy also shaire his future aspiration & dreams.



Make sure to follow Peakboy on Instagram : @realpeakboy . If you want to watch Yoo Heeyeol SKetchbook Ep 466 english subs you can watch it HERE.


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