Samuel Seo The Misfits Album | 15 tracks inside

Samuel Seo release a new album ! There’s a total of 15 tracks (3 hidden tracks in LP Version) in Samuel Seo The Misfits.

Samuel Seo the Misfits

Samuel Seo officially debut in 2013 with the track Welcome to My Zone. Already have more than 100 songs released, Samuel Seo never stop improving his musicality, even joining the ocmpetition survival program MNET ‘Breakers‘, a program for singer-songwriter. Now a part of Magic Strawberry Sound, Samuel Seo back with an album with 15 tracks inside.

Samuel Seo The Misfits album tracklist

  • Breathe
  • Misfits anthem
  • Notting HIll
  • Olive Session
  • Yeonhui dong
  • Ice CUbe
  • Coastal Wave
  • 8 8 3
  • Something & Nothing
  • Really That
  • Good Morning
  • Playaplayaplaya
  • Ordinary Kids
  • Yi Yu
  • The Misfits
  • Phony Clowns (LP Only)
  • STOMP (LP Only)
  • Pitch Friday (LP Only)

Without any featuring artist, The Misfits is a showcase of Seo Samuel Musicality. In All but 5 tracks, he’s write, compose, produce & play the instrumental of Guitar, Bass & keyboard himself.

Samuel Seo Playaplayaplaya Music video

This is art. Beside the original version with Mime from Jingyu yu, there’s also Samuel Seo Version where he express the song freely through his movement.



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