Hoody Profile | From Childhood to Queen of AOMG

 Hoody is known as the Queen of AOMG, Hoody Career actually starts even before, let’s check out Hoody profile.

Hoody Profile

Hoody profile

Real Name : Kim Jeong Hyeon
Birthdate    : February 10th, 1990
Birthplace   : Seoul
Height        : 173 cm
Debut         : September 24th 2013 (My Ride)
Crew           : Amourette (with KittiB)
Agency       : AOMG Trainee (January 2013 – September 2015) AOMG (September 2015 – now)

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Stage Name

Before we start Hoody Profile, why she use the stage name Hoody? Hoody’s friend who watched and joined Show Me the Money audition suggested her to have a stage name. At that time, Hoody wore a hoodie, so she used Hoody as her stage name.

Hoody’s Childhood: How She Started to Like RnB

Hoody has loved to sing since childhood. She was a vocalist in her music clubs during her school days. When she was 8 years old, she often listen to girl group S.E.S. songs, but only the songs which had R&B feelings in them.


Hoody liked to go to karaoke when she was in elementary and middle school with her friends. She learned how to play piano and violin, but she stopped learning when entering middle school because she felt learning them was like studying. She did not have time because she had to go to academy after school.

Hoody’s School Band with Sunwoo Junga

She has started to like RnB in daily basis since high school. “They’re pop songs that everyone can hear. At that time, I loved the music of real divas such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, but I fell in love with rock when I was in middle school and high school. I don’t think I was very interested in hip-hop or R&B until I was in high school.”



Hoody wanted to do RnB during her 2nd year in high school but many students liked to play rock. When she was in 3rd year, she joined a band made by Sunwoo Junga. There were 4 girls then they tried many new thing during performances. Hoody was the band vocalist and she thought Sunwoo Junga’s band made great harmony as a team. Hoody said that was what she wanted to do. Her first stage include numerous RnB hits like Stevie Wonder “Superstition” and Whitney Houston “Queen of the Night”

Hoody College Life

Hoody was majoring in food nutrition. Even though she was not in music-related major, she has always wanted to be a singer since 5 years old. Every time she met her grandmother’s family, people around her told her to sing. “But the reality of education in Korea does not recommend that. I want to study without fail. Also, my parents were very concervative so I had to study because they told me so.”




Hoody thought her father influenced her to be a singer. “My dad played a guitar and sang pop songs when I was young. He was very good at singing. That was how my mom fell in love with him.”

Hoody “Black Music Club” with Ja Mezz at College

Hoody had listened to many hip-hop songs just before graduated from high school. Hoody decided to join hip-hop and RnB club at college.  “At that time, I was passive, afraid to be in front of people.”. The HIphop club is named Brainswords : Loco, Woo wonjae, Hoody & Ja Mezz were also part of the club.

Hoody had never interacted with her friends at food nutrition department but always had time to be in the hiphop rnb club room. “Every day, I listened to a lot of music, sang, practiced, performed, prepared for the performance. It was so fun. So I got greedy. There are people in the club who produce and beat-maker, so it’s so much fun to see from the side.”



Hoody decided to take a leave of absence at her third year because she does not want to work at food industry but was not certain to be able having musician career.

Jay Park Birthday with Dok2, Woodie Gochild, Ja Mezz & hoody

Hoody Early Life as an Artist

Hoody felt she did not learn music properly. “I have learned the basic code for composing a piano. I didn’t learn singing or composing, and I became interested in acting.” She filled her time by appearing at numerous projects as a rookie actress. “So I started working as an assistant or an extra. I went to acting class after a long time. I have a lot to learn about music. I want to know what I’m doing after taking a vacation. So I got back to my senses. Then I thought I’d make a recording or something and take a step towards music.

Hoody helped her aspiring rappers friend at their projects. “At that time, I didn’t have any connections to the music scene, so I was wondering what to do. My friend said, “Make me a mixtape or something.” I didn’t think about it because it’s a format used a lot by rappers.”

Hoody finally upload her first mixtape in January 2013. “Anyway, I tried to make it as long as I was a minga. But I didn’t record it. Of course I don’t know how to mix. I just pressed the keyboard. It started with a blank slate. It just hit me. I made it now, but where should I put it? I think I posted it on all the different communities that I can upload.”


Hoody profile just started, check out how Hoody start his journey in Music Industry at the Next Page.