Austn 032 EP | Growth of Austn

Austn is back with a 3rd EP Album in just a span of a year. One of the most active musician recently, he just release a new EP! Austn 032.

Austn 032

Austn officially debut last year on 2018 as a part of rising hiphop r&B label Dynasty Muzik. Since his debut Austn already release 37 tracks, his productivty didn’t stop there because he still an active soundcloud artist! (Austn already release music through soundcloud before debut) Check out Austn Soundcloud here


Austn 032 EP tracklist

  • Incheon
  • Moon
  • Trust
  • Hide out feat Holmsted
  • Chvnel feat Feelosopher
  • Just You
  • Okinawa feat Rheehab (remastered)

032 is a area code number for Incheon, a place where Austn growing up. Austn want to share the story of Money, love & friendship. Producer Sim2 & Pacific help producing the track while friends Holmsted, Feelosopher & rheehab is featured in the track.

Austn Moon Music Video

THis is the first track where Austn make a Music video. Shoot in Jeju island in a cold day. Austn didn’t have prior experience regarding editing Music Video, but it still comes out good right?? TMI : Austn not only a write & co compose his own songs, but also make his own album cover photo & artworks, there’s also a physical album for this EP!



Austn ‘Wonder’ feat Harms

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What do you think of Austn 032 EP? Does the music style suit your taste ??


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