APRO Leellamarz collaboration | Leellamarz is Different

Leelamarz is different ~. That’s a spinoff of producer APRO signature sound “Apro is different” that used as a title of the collaboration EP between APRO Leellamarz.

Apro Leellamarz

Producer/DJ APRO already produce track for numerous artist : DPR LIVE, Keebomb, pH-1, Penomeco & Colde among many others. Apro also have been releasing solo project, in total of 22 tracks over the years. TMI : APRO stage name means ‘A producer


Apro LeellamarzĀ Leellamarz is different EP tracklist

  • I think feat Penomeco
  • Vs
  • W.T.F feat Justhis

Each track show different music style of Leellamarz & Apro. With featuring artist such as Penomeco & Justhis

Leellamarz Vs Live performance

Leellamarz perform one of the title track from Leellamarz is different in Raphouse on Live at Now Radio. TMI : You can listen to Now radio by downloading Naver app through your phone.



I think feat Penomeco

Make sure to follow Apro Leellamarz on Instagram : @Apro.co.kr ; @Leellamarz .



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What do you think of APRO Leellamarz collaboration ??