Zion T May | New single suit my November mood

Once again the hit singer Zion.T is back with a new song that suit November mood, Zion T May.

Zion T May

Zion T Officially debut with a track titled Click me on 2011 before joining Amoeba Culture and become a ‘Digital monster’, a term for artist that just keep going high in music charts everytime they release a song. Now a part of Theblacklabel, Zion T release new song titled May that once again show his endless musicality.


Zion T May

Zion.T work with Lyricist Kim Eana for the song. Kim Eana & Zion.T first work together last month when they both join the project of Yoo Jaesuk ‘Yuplash in tv program ‘How do you Play’. Not only lyricst Kim Eana, various actor also help in the Music Video : Jung Kyumin, Heo Jaehyuk, Lee Jumyoung, Lee Taesun & Kim Seong gun.



Zion.T have so many hit song, my reccomendation for another song that suit the November mood is ‘Snow‘ that was released last year.

Zion.T Snow

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