Tomsson Meta Fiction LP | 17 tracks inside

Tomsson Meta Fiction LP. LP Stands for Long Playing record, including this one where Tomsson just release an LP with 17 tracks inside.

Tomsson Meta Fiction

Tomsson debut with the track Julliard 3 years ago, 2016. The Daegu based rapper have been really active ever since, already release & participate in 65 tracks. Meta fiction is not the first big project that Tomsson did. In 2017, Tomsson also release Pulp Fiction album with 17 tracks inside.

Tomsson Meta Fiction LP tracklist

  • Paper Money Fun
  • Nobody Know feat UD
  • Before 01 track
  • Shhh
  • The time
  • Doodle
  • Home Coming
  • Dong Daegu station
  • Flame
  • Red on My Mind
  • T.L.L feat Born Kim
  • Same Here feat Mansoo
  • 053 remix feat MC meta & Minos
  • Message from Compton City
  • Quentin
  • Banwol Dang feat UD
  • I’m OK

There’s several audio & Music Video that Tommson release, including pre release track. There’s a note by Tommson, it’s highly suggested to listen to the album in order of the track because the album concept is just like a movie, you don’t want to missed out on the important scenes.

Tomsson Dong daegu station audio



Tomsson 053 Remix feat Minos & MC Meta audio

Tomsson Nobody Know Music video

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