Hedy debut | Portion For Hedy Mini album

Hedy debut mini album! Wait, who is Hedy?? Hedy is also known as Lee Minjung, Ailee debut partner in SBS program Fantastic Duo.

Hedy debut

Do you watch Fantastic duo back in 2016? In the program, there’s a contestant name Lee Minjung who collaborated with Ailee in the track I WIll Show You & Heaven by Ailee. The latter collaboration¬†Heaven already reach 15 Million views on Youtube! Now Lee Minjung who’s under Som company debut iwth a stage name Hedy.

Hedy debut mini album Portion for Hedy tracklist

  • Not Easy
  • Rolling Stone
  • As it has beeen so far
  • Home

HEDY Rolling Stone Music video

Why the stage name HEDY?? It’s actually a acronym for Hear My melody, which i would gladly listen all day long. HEDY ready captivate the listener through explosive singing, subtle emotional lines & a broad musical spectrum. She’s also also held a showcase & perform in music shows for her debut.



Ailee ‘Heaven ‘ feat Lee Mijung aka HEDY SBS Fantastic Duo

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