Wavy IOAH | Producer IOAH as Wavy new member

“IOAH”. That’s the signature sound of producer IOAH who just join the new family of Wavy. Lets get to know more Wavy IOAH


Producer IOAH first produce the track on 2016, participate in Swings album Mood Swings II Pt. 3 : Psychotherapy. Already release 40 tracks, producer IOAH now gonna join the family of Wavy  Keep an eye on Wavy & IOAH next move.

Wavy Ioah member alongside : 

  • Colde
  • Jiwoo (aka Hayake)
  • Khakii
  • Honno (art director)


Colde move produced by IOAH

IOAH already work with Wavy artist Colde before. In an episode of MNET ‘Breakers’ Colde perform a new song titled ‘Move’ which produced by IOAH. Other track that IOAH produce for Colde is the track for SM STation : Loss.



Producer IOAH already produce tracks for multiple artist before : Swings, Jeebanoff, Kid Milli, NO:EL, Verbal Jint, Hoody, Colde among many others. But if you want to listen to IOAH own track, he already release a song titled ‘Bingle Bingle’ (feat Sumin) as a part of Red Bull Music Seoul Seori project.

IOAH ‘Bingle Bingle’

Bonus : Kid Milli ‘Honmono‘ feat Blacknut prod by IOAH

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What do you think about IOAH joining Wavy?? Do you think they suit each other ?? Let us know in the comment section below !