Young B SMTM 8 Journey | Until The Final Round

Young B is a winning contender of SMTM 8 even before the episode began, but it’s not a journey without a hitch, even until final episode. Young B SMTM 8 Journey.

Young B SMTM 8

Young B SMTM 8 Audition


Young B SMTM 8 1st round

Young B faced criticism from other contestants because he tried SMTM for the fourth time even though he already considered  a successful established artist. Young B told that he did not need to do anything to exceed public expectation because he decided to come to show to do his own way.

Young B SMTM 8 2nd round

Young B SMTM 8 journey is not easy, he nearly got edited out after the 2nd episode! Young B past events were uncovered once again by k-netizen, which become an issue in South Korea news sites. In this episode Yang Hongwon said, “As a junior high school student, I missed a short time after allegations of victims of school violence. I’m sorry for the victim, but I visited myself, but I didn’t meet ”



Another round that become big issue on South korea news article : Young B vs Sharkrama. Sharkrama doesn’t feel Young B attitude on SMTM 8 befit a well known rapper and release a diss track for Young B afterwards.

Young B vs Sharkrama 3rd round


Young B vs EK Team round

The team round maybe didn’t live up to previous season expectation, but EK vs Young B really did their best on the battle! TMI : There’s also a tense moment of Young B & Olltii in this team battle.



Young B events with YunB were quite some huge issues. They battled with tough diss, even considered as one of the intense diss battle At first, Mnet even blurred Young B’ face during diss battle teaser but then Mnet decided not to censored Young B at the real broadcast.

Young B vs YunB Diss battle


Young B x YunB Truman Show

After that intense diss battle, YoungB & YunB show why they a professional artist by releas one of the most well known track on SMTM 8 ‘Truman Show‘. The song pictured human who lived as an actor through his real life. Psst there’s also a remix version of this track by pH-1, Ahn Byungwoong & Owen Ovadoz.


Battling ChoiLB of WYBH for the quarter final, YoungB release a heartfelt track featuring Vinxen of Kiff Clan. Pave his way into the Final episode, Semifinal & the final.

Young B Sold out feat Vinxen Music video



Young B boy feat Bewhy vs Big Naughty

Young B ‘No Cap’ feat Osshun Gum

In the final, Once again Young B addressed bullying controversy through his final song, No Cap. He told the candid story although we never knew what was actually happened. The track also feature fellow IMJM family Osshun Gum that have been friend of YoungB since School rapper 1.



Young B wanted to work with Changmo in the future. He also held the artists that he liked in high regard, he also liked NELL. “When I listen to NELL’s music, I do not get the feeling that they are public friendly. That is why I like their songs more.”

“Usually when I like an artist, I do not really get the feeling that I want to try working with them.”Young B wanted to release more albums and songs in 2019.

Bonus : Young B Mic Swagger 3

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Young B SMTM 8 Journey is not an easy ones, he’s been through a lot and gain a lot, we hope the best for YoungB future activities!