Giriboy 14P | Reasons Why Fashion Completes the Rapper

Giriboy clothing business do well! Not only doing well as musician, Giriboy also have a clothing line business, GIriboy 14P,

Launching 14P check it


Giriboy made 14P because there’s not enough good t-shirts. “I really like pants, but the unit price is expensive to do what I want, so I can’t do it yet. Also, people buy a lot of T-shirts and don’t buy pants very much. So I can’t do pants yet. I think I can make pants since the mood is up a bit. We’re selling well right now, so…”


14P Vision

Giriboy then asked about 14P vision. “First of all, 14P provides the clothes I want to wear comfortably. And I’m thinking about some of the business concepts. I think I4P is doing well right now. When I first made the brand, I wanted the people who wear it to look good. But I think people are wearing it when they look at the I4P Instagram tags. I really like it. I think people understand the direction of the brand”

14P Youtube Channel

Giriboy set up a youtube channel for his clothing line. There are concept video, lookbook video, after party video clip, and soundtrack releases for 14P. When asked about how Giriboy operate his clothing channel, he said, “Originally, I was going to pick up the songs, upload them, and grow them. But people don’t listen more than I thought, and it’s harder than I thought. It’s almost stopped. I think I need to increase the number of subscribers.”



Giriboy asked Hayake to promote 14P during WYBH Halloween Party.

At first, he only made fun content but then decided to do the channel more serious than before. “I wanted to go seriously, so I tried to do some interview.  I’ve been really close to Ugly Duck since ancient times. Since high school, I went to the house and talked to music all night, so I thought about doing something with him. Both I and Uglydock have a lot of CDs. I’m thinking about introducing hip-hop and Korean hip-hop.”



Giriboy 14P Videos, Self edited by Giriboy

Giriboy edited and directed the music video for his clothing line called “Honor Clothing.” When being asked about his greed to do the video-editing, he said, “I’m not greedy. It was fun. I also made a music video for the song “Baesangja Star.” One day, I suddenly bought an editing program.”


Giriboy also shared that he made another video. “It’s high quality with up and down. We did the shoot, but after the payment period, I didn’t know how to organize the sessions in the editing program, but because the files were messed up, I said, ‘Ae not.’ But one day, I might do it all of a sudden.”

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Inspiration for Naming Clothes line Giriboy 14P

Giriboy said he got a name for his brand 14p from his dream. In his dream, he tried to catch (read as fast as possible) 148 serial books of “One Piece” (Japanese manga). “I wanted to have something and plugged in there. So I told my manager that I had this number when I went to schedule that day. But one day, DJ SQ went to an instrument seminar at NI (Native Instruments).”

The story continued, “There he gave him a virtual instrument as the first prize, and the winning number was 148 (read as 14P). I was goosebumps then, and I thought there was something, but I didn’t know what to name it when I launched the brand, so I used 14P.”

Giriboy Wanted to be A Manga Artist if Not Having His Clothing Business

Giriboy like to collect comic books. “I really like cartoons. I don’t think 148 series of One Piece are out yet. I have stopped reading One Piece since a particular moment. When a new books come out, I will drive to see them all.”

Giriboy said he started to draw cartoon after had seen Kian84. “One time, I bought a video of Gian 84’s lecture on Instagram. That was how to draw a webtoon, but I haven’t seen it yet. Seriously I’m thinking about drawing a cartoon later.”



Giriboy mentioned his favorite cartoons. “There are so many things, but I like “Berserk/Versailles” so much. It’s been famous lately, and there’s a boxing cartoon called “Rikudo”. Maybe I have read about 9 books? Both comics are dark, but all my favorite cartoons are dark. If I draw well later, I want to draw a cartoon like that. My favorite Korean webtoon is “Bad Boss”

Tips to Dress Well

Giriboy was noticed as an artist who has well fashion sense. “I don’t think I dress well. That’s also cheesy.”

When being asked about the tips to dress, he said, “Once you earn a lot, you buy a lot. Then you have to wear well. I spend almost everything I make on my clothes. If you buy a lot and choose it, you have no choice but to wear it well. Shoes aren’t spared, so there are many people who don’t buy them. If you buy a lot of things, your style fits like you wear well.”

Luxury Brands

Giriboy and co. mentioned a lot of fashion brands in their song “Flex”. Giriboy also made a title with brand name called “acrnm”. When being asked what is the most interested brand for him, he said, “I usually look at the brand every day. GUCCI is so cool. Betts are so cool. But I don’t think I’ll wear them once, so I don’t buy them. Also, I watch Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons, and UNDERCOVER.”


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