Hoody Departure Album | 1st Full album of AOMG Hoody

Hoody Departure. 1st Full album from AOMG Queen Hoody! After pre release 2 track, Hoody finally release 1st album titled Departure.

Hoody Departure

Hoody already have a lengthy 6 years career since first official debut in 2013. Finally after a long time, Hoody release the 1st album titled Departure with 11 tracks inside. TMI : Hoody also actively participating in other artist track, recently with Maddox on AOMG Sign Here!


Hoody Departure tracklist

  • Perfect Timing
  • Stay feat Uglyduck
  • Love Again
  • Thank You
  • Miro
  • Something Missing
  • What shall i do
  • Adios feat GRAY
  • Dance feat Jclef
  • Good and Evil
  • Complex

Hoody pre release 2 track before release the full album. Pre released track include Miro & Good and Evil. Departure share a story about parting ways, not physically but instead it means a journey in search of true self. Leaving something doesnt always mean everything comes to an end, just like a winter that turn into spring, it could mean a new start.

Hoody Adios feat GRAY prod by Chacha Malone

“I need a chacha beat boy” Adios is produced by Chacha Malone who already collaborate with Hoody before in several track including hit track ‘Hangang’. GRAY also feature in the track & participate in the Music Video. TMI: Not only Hoody & GRAY, several AOMG artists also participate in the Music Video, do you notice them?



Check out Hoody gorgeous vocal through Dingo Killing Voice. Hoody perform her hit tracks in the past : Sunshine, Be Your Side, Your eyes, Hangang, (Jay park) All I Wanna Do & tracks inside Departure album : MIRO, Perfect Timing & Adios

Hoody DIngo Killing voice

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