MC Mong Channel 8 | Still Going strong after 3 years

MC Mong Channel 8. Have been on Hiatus for 3 years, Mc Mong back with a new Album, once again top the music charts.

MC Mong Channel 8

The Original Digimon )Digital Monster). Whenever MC Mong release a song, he gonna top the music charts. But there’s many concern that he wont achieve it this time on 2019, consider the news about MC Mong attempt to delay his mandatory military service back in 2010 is still a topic in South Korea news articles, even now. He’s been on hiatus for 3 years, now MC Mong is back!


MC Mong Channel 8 tracklist

  • Intro
  • Fame feat Song Ga In & Chancellor
  • Chanel feat Park bom
  • Deserted Island feat Moon
  • The Happiest time of my life part 2 feat Yang Dail
  • Temperature feat Suran
  • I Know feat HYNN
  • Jonber feat Coogie & Jiselle
  • Temperature feat Suran (Acoustic version)
  • Blind Cookie version

Channel 8 album contain personal story of MC Mong, who have changed a lot since the past. Track like Deserted island (featuring Moon) share a story when he stayed in his house for a month, not even a second. Every track have a story of MC mong lives in the past 3 years.

Fame feat Song Gain & Chancellor

MC mong was the original music chart monster, winning & nominated to awards a lot of tiies in the 2000’s. Fame is a song about MC mong younger days ,Trot singer Song Ga In also features in the track, scolding MC mong with the lyrics. As i write this article, the song fame still top music charts ever since it released..



Fame is not the only song that top South Korea Music charts. There’s also another track Chanel that features Park Bom, Chanel were second only in music charts behind the first title track Fame.

MC Mong Chanel feat Park Bom audio

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