AOMG Sign Here ep 9 | Road to Top 4

After last episode we saw 3 performance from top 6 contestant. Now we gonna see the rest of the performance and witness who going to the Top 4! Here’s the recap of AOMG SIgn Here ep 9.

AOMG sign Here ep 9

Previous episode, we saw contestant battle rival agencies artist : Sogumm vs Sokodomo, Osamari vs Kirin,  Meloh vs Woodie GochildNow we gonna see more of their performance in this episode!

Rules for AOMG Sign Here Top 6 : they gonna battle challenger from rival agencies, if they win they gonna go to Top 4, If they lose they gonna be eliminated. If theres more than 4 contestant, AOMG sign here judges will eliminate.

AOMG Sign Here ep 9 Battle

AOMG Sign Here Ep 8

  • MBA vs Bigone, Neal & EK,Semi & YEllowD (of MBA)
  • Part Time cooks (of VMC) vs QM & Odee (of VMC)
  • Maddox vs OLNL


Part Time Cooks (WIN) vs QM & Odee

Both Vis Major company artist gonna battle each other! Before the episode began, they meetup in VMC office with their boss Deepflow. Deepflow jokingly ask Part time Cooks to come home now they have a success run in SIgn here. QM & Odee from VMC perform comeback home! They already working together for a year now and their chemistry is no joke



Part Time Cooks meanwhile is working with producer GRAY for a catchy track titled ‘Do That thang’, that’s AOMG Sign Here signature sound! This performance arguably the best performance by PTC so far, having the crowd sing along and even add special verse where Jay Park do the signature ‘Do That Thang’. Producer GRAY also come to the stage to feature in the track!

Part time cooks performance

MBA (Challenger) vs MBA (Sign here) (WIN)

MBA vs MBA! The hyung is a challenger : Bigone, Semi, Yellow D, Neal & EK gonna battle Signhere MBA : Bola, Make A Movie. Cova ,GV, Munchman & Annyeungjaebee  So anyone not confused, MBA have 9 members & 2 unofficial members, MBA that join Sign Here is the 6 younger members.



Challenger MBA perform Young Man remix + WOLF. While the Sign Here MBA perform a new track, produced by Code Kunst and feature SIgnhere MC YDG! Signhere MBA win against the challenger MBA that make everyone happy. Munchman is so happy he can’t help to shed his tears of happiness.

MBA Signhere performance

OLNL vs Maddox

“But i’m R&B”, that OLNL funny scene from SMTM 777 roller coaster trip. OLNL the singer rapper have a matchup against Maddox. OLNL perform a new song titled “Welcome to My Home’ that will be released today on 25th of Octobers 2019. A new chill masterpiece by OLNL.



Maddox Meanwhile work with producer GRAY for this episode. GRAY suggest Maddox to work with Play holybang dance crew who already work with Jay Park & AOMG sitarists for a long time. Hash Swan of ambition Musik also feature in the sweet & sexy track by maddox.

Maddox performance

AOMG Sign Here ep 9 Top 4, but 5 contestant pass

Okay so far we get 5 contestant who pass the rival challenge battle (everone beside Osamari). But there’s only 4 contestant who can pass.  As per rule, AOMG sign here judges gonna eliminate 1 contestant. They eliminate : Part time Cooks 


There’s not yet AOMG Sign Here ep 9 English subs. You can watch the raw episode HERE



What do you think about AOMG Sign Here ep 9 ?? Which performance you love the most ??