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Crucial Star Half a Wing EP. After pre released track, Crucial star release an EP titled Half a wing with 6 tracks inside.

Crucial Star Half a Wing

Crucial star have been active in 2019. This EP will be Crucial Star 15th songs (include featurings) that was released in 2019. Crucial star plan to held a concert on 17th of November 2019 titled Starry NIght 2, the ticket for the concert is sold out in 1 minute!

Crucial Star Half a wing tracklist

  • Simple feat Sik-k
  • Work to do
  • Bird feat Hash Swan
  • Hug Me
  • It’s a different thing to love her and make her happy feat Jeeebanoff
  • Work to do (acoustic version)

Crucial Star work to Do MV preview

The reality in the City, try to chase love & dreams, It’s like trying to fly with half a wing“. That’s the description of Crucial Star Half a wing EP. Which resonate well in this track where the main character in the lyrics have a busy city life yet still chasing love.

Snippet of Crucial Star Work to do Lyrics

Im going to have to finish my work today.
a pile of work in my laptop
Not that kind of e-mail.
I’m going to have to finish my work today.
To love you
To be a good boyfriend”



There’s also an acoustic version of Crucial Star ‘Work to Do’. Would love to hear this on his concert

Crucial Star Work to Do acoustic version.

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