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MC Sniper Better than Yesterday is THE track of Sniper sound agency, a powerhouse in second half of 2000’s. The song is still being play in 2019.

MC Sniper Better than yesterday

1st original Sniper sound is on the top of South Korea hip hop movement in 2000’s. Start in 2004, Sniper sound house rapper with prominent name in the last decade : Baechigi, Kinetic Flow, Illinit, Outsider, MR Room9, MC sniper and many more. One of Sniper Sound most popular track is titled Better than Yesterday, even today it usually become a theme song/Background Music of Variety show when there’s a tense moment.


MC Sniper better than yesterday

Better than Yesterday release 12 years ago, as part of MC Sniper album ‘How Bad Do u want it‘. A Cypher type track where rapper from Sniper Sound family join and give their take on the beat. The beat use samples Bill Conti ‘Going The Distance‘ from a 1976 US film, ‘Rocky’

Artists that participate in MC Sniper Better than yesterday : 

  • Room 9
  • Zenio 7
  • MC BK
  • Baechigi
  • DJ R2
  • Outsider
  • MC Sniper



Better than yesterday was also covered by many artist. Recently in October 2019 comedian Yoo Byungjae did a full cover of Better than Yesterday. Remind us that this track gonna be a timeless music that still gonna be play in any era.

Yoo Byungjae cover Better than yesterday

Listen & Purchase to MC Sniper Better than Yesterday on Apple Musicmelon ; genie & bugs



MC Sniper Better than yesterday is just one of legendary songs of KHH industry. We also have a THREAD on twitter about past iconic song in Korean hip hop & Rnb,