Chaboom Sweets & Bitters EP | Flavor project continue

Chaboom Sweets & Bitters EP. This is the continuation of Flavor project by Chaboom that starts 2 year ago in 2017. Lets check out the new EP of Chaboom!

Chaboom Sweets

Chaboom join last year on SMTM 777 and goes as far as top 12 when he lost against Loopy. Chaboom is also the CEO of Layback Records, the member is :  Oi, Dsel, CJB95, Margin Choi & LeebidoNow Chaboom is back with a new EP, this is the continuation of SOUR EP that was released 2 years ago in 2017.


Chaboom Sweets & Bitters EP tracklist

  • Very Dry Very
  • New World
  • Honey Dipped feat Mckdaddy
  • Hunnit Million won feat Changmo
  • Burning Down feat Uglyduck
  • King
  • Aoi Sola
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Dance feat Errday & jinju
  • Au revoir la haut

Chaboom album have a narration, Chaboom suggest to listen the track accordingly because the this album is the journey of Chaboom, filled with present, past & future aspiration

Chaboom New world

New world is the title track of Chaboom EP. The track is produced by Margin Choi who already been working with Chaboom since 2017. New world share a story on how Chaboom cope with life after the typhoon has passed.



Chaboom SMTM 777 2nd round performance

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