Zene The Zilla Nakotap | After SMTM 8 ended

Zene The Zilla is back! 2019 have been a busy year for Zene The Zilla : Join Ambition Musik, release EP & become contestant on SMTM 8. Now back with a new single, Zene The ZIlla nakotap

Zene The Zilla Nakotap

Zene The ZIlla join this year SMTM 8 after eliminated in team selection last year on SMTM 777. This year Zene The Zilla going further, did a diss battle and top 16 against EK. Now a part of AMbition Musik, Zene The Zilla just release a new single titled Nakotap.

Zene The Zilla Nakotap

Zene The Zilla is working with producer Gaka who already produce track for Dbo, Yawah, Jvcki wai & Double K among many others in the past. In single description Zene The Zilla write that the song Nakotap was released because of Fans support, are you one of them ??



Zene The Zilla also just release A full album titled Yamangkkun after joining Ambition Musik. The title track is Missed Calls feature Cjamm of Just Music. Here’s the music video.

Zene The Zilla ‘Missed calls‘ feat Cjamm Music video

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What do you think of Zene The zilla NaKoTap ?? Does the music style suit your taste ??