Punchnello Profile | Get to Know the SMTM 8 Winner

Lets get to know more about SMTM 8 winner Punchnello! It’s not an easy journey for the young rapper, Check out Punchnello profile.

Punchnello profile :

Stage Name    : Punchnello
Real Name      : Lee Young Shin
Birthdate         : May 28th, 1997
Birthplace       : Anyang, Gyeonggi-do
Height             : 165 cm
Education        : Shinsung Middle School, Sungmun High School
Label               : HIGHGRND (2015-2018), AOMG (2019, Exclusive Contract),
FacebookInstagram :
Soundcloud : Apple Music, Spotify 


Club Eskimo

Punchnello profile start when he recruited by millic to join Club Eskimo in 2015 after actively releasing 2 mixtapes in 2013 when he was 17 years old. There were “A Short Man, Great Ambition”, and “Doin’ Good”


When asked about how Club Eskimo hyungs treated him, Punchnello said, “When I met them, they didn’t really look like musicians. Can I just say that ordinary people are gathered? Since I was nineteen years old, everyone treated me like a baby. These days, I feel like I’ve been meeting a lot and eating and talking. When we met, we exchanged energy rather than working together.”

In his time after joining Club Eskimo, he has released 3 mixtapes so far :

2015.01.10 – #ROTPOTA (mixtape)|
2016.11.12 – 안투라지 MIXTAPE#3 2night[7] 2018.02.22 – at 5:43am (mixtape)

Featured in millic Igloo



Punchnello Music Style

5:43am’ was a mixtape released by Punchnello, 5.43 am showed Punchnello used many Lo-Fi (low fidelity) tracks. “I used to like that kind of music. It’s easy to listen to and it’s a good match for me at the time. I still listen to it a lot.” Meanwhile ‘numb‘ has a strong impression of listening to the music of the US Rapper XXTentacion. “I listened to a lot of Tentacion and it was shocking. Let’s learn about this with a heart (approach). I liked Mac Miller before, but since he was a middle school student, I think he has a natural tendency to listen to music.”

The style of music that Punchnello play every time, from [LIME], [at 5:43am] to [ordinary.], changes. When asked about whether Punchnello’s musical tastes are still forming or not, Punchnello disagreed, “I don’t think I like any genre specifically. I thought, “Don’t you have to choose only one?” But these days, I think, “Isn’t it possible that you don’t have a sense of taste?” So whether it’s a ballad, a low-pitched, or a hip-hop, I’m just listening to what I want to hear.”



Other Rappers’ Influence

He Listen a lot to The Quiett in the past. “At first, I liked Soul Company, and I especially liked The Quiett. When I was young, I only listened to songs that felt like hip-hop. Rather than listening to foreign music, I listened as if I were studying all of the albums”



Joining Tablo of Epik High Independent Label: HIGHGRND

Punchnello suddenly caught a lot of attention at the age of nineteen, signing with millic to HIGHGRND. He only managed to release an EP titled “LIME” during his time in YG. Punchnello released the album on September 8th, 2016.

The fans of hiphop also disappointed about the silence disappearance of YG sub-label, HIGHGRND.  “It was meant to be. I think I had no choice. Personally, it was my first company, so everything was new. The atmosphere of the music company was very different from what I thought”



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