Kanto Rain Dduk | Pre release of upcoming Album

Kanto Rain Dduk. Kanto first solo single in 2019. He’s been busy going overseas to perform an attend events, now he’s back with a new music!

Kanto Rain Dduk

Kanto appear first time to the public on Show Me The Money Season 2. SInce then, Kanto have been joining multiple project : Joining hiphop/rnb Group Troy, join Idol reboot program ‘The Unit‘, and back as a soloist afterwards. Most recently Kanto were participating with Thailand base artist Wonderframe earlier this year.


Kanto Rain dduk MV

It’s been a yeare & 5 months since Kanto release solo music, Repetition i EP. Rain dduk is a song that combine Kanto deep voice rap with rhythmical melodic music, a perfect song for the warm autumn. TMI : This track is actually a pre released track for an upcoming album that the brand New Music artist have been working with, can’t wait!



Kanto also join on KBS survival show program The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project. In the program, Kanto not only show his rap ability but breaking the limit by singing & dance aswell. He’s eliminated too early though, check out Kanto show his hidden talent in the program, singing.

Kanto singing voice on The Unit

Make sure to follow Kanto on Instagram [email protected]choikanto The Brand New Music rapper is ready to release new album!



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What do you think of Kanto Rain Dduk ? Does the music style suit your taste ?


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