AOMG SIgn Here Ep 8 | Rival Agencies challenge

AOMG Sign Here Ep 8. MBN & AOMG keep giving us surprise round format that we haven’t see in other program like SMTM. This time the contestant got a challenge from rival agencies!!

AOMG Sign Here ep 8

Previous episode, we got contestant x producer performance. The result is a cliffhanger though, there still 3 contestant result that haven’t been revealed yet : Maddox, MBA & Choi Seohyun. In this episode AOMG Sign here Ep 8, they will reveal the result & new round TOP 6 format.


Last episode result

AOMG SIgn Here ep 8

MBA : 312 (Safe)

Maddox : 312 (Safe)

Choi Seohyun : 310 (Eliminated)


New round format : Rival Agencies Challenge

AOMG Sign Here Ep 8

There’s another new round format in AOMG Sign Here! It’s rival agencies challenge. So how does it works?? Contestant gonna be challenged by other artist from AOMG rival Agencies : H1GHRMUSIC, Sony Music, Stoneship, VMC & 8Balltown.

Rules : Contestant who win the battle against challenger pass and go to top 4
Contestant who lose the battle against challenger eliminated.


AOMG Sign here Contestant vs Challenger battle

AOMG Sign Here Ep 8

  • Osamari vs Kirin
  • Sogumm vs Sokodomo
  • Meloh vs Woodie Gochild
  • MBA vs Bigone, Neal & EK (of MBA)
  • Part Time cooks (of VMC) vs QM & Odee (of VMC)
  • Maddox vs OLNL


Sokodomo (Lose) vs Sogumm (Win)

Sokodomo perform his latest track ‘Go Home’ feat La Pamasaka. Still as unique as before on School rapper 3, Sokodomo performance is always something to look forward to. There’s also La Pamasaka as featuring who wear a ski mask that everone curious about. There’s even Sokodomo fans in the crowd who bring a propeller hat that have been Sokodomo Signature outfit.



Sogumm is working with producer Dress who she have been working with in the past (Single & Collaboration album). There’s also surprise featuring by JJANGYOU! SMTM 8 contestant Jjangyou spare his time to appear on AOMG Signhere, make the crowd surprised by the unexpected featurings.

Sogumm (Win) vs Sokodomo (Lose)

There’s not yet AOMG Sign Here ep 8 English subs. You can watch the raw episode HERE



AOMG Sign Here ep 8 is not over yet, There’s more challenger ready to beat AOMG Sign here contestant in the Next Page!