Sool J Yellow Submarine feature Yella

Sool J Yellow Submarine. Sool J is back! Have been active once more in 2019, Sool J the veteran rapper back with yellow submarine, a collaboration with trendy young artist Yella.

Sool J Yellow Submarine

If MC Meta is the father of Freestyle rapper, then Sool J is the hyung (older Brother) of Freestyle rapper. Already debut officially in 2009, Sool J is known for creating the Freestyle battle Culture through Freestyle town, where rapper such as Olltii arise. He’s also the 1st Freestyle MC of Mic Swagger, discover & promote talented artist that now become a household name.


Sool J Yellow Submarine feat Yella audio

Yella of Poisonholy not only feature in singing but also co produce the latest track of Sool J Yellow Submarine. Yella already produce music for artist such as Amoeba Culture Kim Sunjae in the past. Sool J track Yellows submarine sound trendy and easy to listen. The song tell a story about unrequited love, which easy to relate;



Sool J become the first MC of Mic Swagger. The program later evolve to discover up & coming rapper. Mic Swagger season 1 is legendary, where most of the rapper that appear in the program become a successful artist in their own way.

Sool J Mic Swagger Season 1 with guest Zico & Park Kyung of Block B

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