Loopy Nafla Nergized | Produced by Tunnelno5

Loopy nafla is back! Fulfilling their promise last year, they just gonna keep working together as duo. This time with advertising track. Loopy Nafla Nergized !

Loopy Nafla Nergized

Nafla & Loopy is strong on their own, they already prove it last year by become the winner & runner up of Show Me The Money 777 respectively. They also been releasing track non stop this year, counting they already release 19 track together that include Loofla album. Oh they also just finished their first concert together! Loopfla just keep going!!!


Loopy nafla Nergized a track for Hyundai N x Peaches

Loopy & nafla were participating in Hyundai N x Peaches project, this is the 3rd part of the advertising after : Njected & Ngaged. The track Nergized is a dubstep track with a strong beat that suit racing theme. Produced by producer Tunnelno5 who already produce song for Loopla before, chosen.



They just held their first ever join concert ‘LooFla : The Adventure Begins’. Check out the recap on how fun the concert is! They also release the track ‘FLEX’ as a special track for the fans before the concert begin.

Loopy & Nafla 1st concert ‘LooFla : The Adventure Begins’

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What do you think of Loopy Nafla Nergized ?? Does their music style suit your taste ?