Rheehab Loveletter | Now part of Dynasty Muzik

Rheehab Loveletter A new song by a member of Dynasty Muzik Rheehab. He’s been constantly release music under new family.

Rheehab have been a part of Dynasty Muzik since June 2019. Dynasty Muzik is an agency by Snacky Chan that have been rising in 2019 with their young, up & coming artist/musician in the lineup. Including Rheehab which quality already proven over the years and gain lots of loyal fans even when Rheehab still a soundcloud artist.


Rheehab Loveletter Audio

Loveletter is a song co produced by Rheehab himself, showing rheehab music not only his voice. Just like the title, Loveletter is a song about writing a heartfelt letter to the love one. The lyrics “I can’t sleep because of you.Oh Baby, I’m in love with you” maybe looks Cringe but when Rheehab sings it become sweet.



In Dynasty Muzik schedule, Rheehab also have another comeback planned on 23rd of October 2019. Can’t wait!

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What do you think of Rheehab Loveletter ? Does the music style suit your taste ??