Babylon Suzy Collaboration | Out of Breath

Babylon Suzy collaboration ? R&B Singer Babylon and Bae Suzy collabrate for a track titled Out of Breath. How their collaboration turned out ??

Babylon Suzy

Babylon is an R&B Singer from KQ Entertainment that officially debut on 2015 with the track Pray. Meanwhile Suzy is back as a singer after more than 1 year, do you still remember Suzy title track from Faces of Love EP, Holiday feat DPR LIVE??  Now both of them collaborate with an autumn track ‘Out of Breath’.

Babylon Suzy ‘Out of Breath’ Sketch clip

Babylon Out of breath is an urban R&B track that use piano as base. Babylon & Suzy express the loneliness & emptiness of people who do their best to reach their dreams every day but were tired when faced with the walls of reality

Just like Suzy lyrics in the track

“My heart feels empty
Pretending to be happy again
Wasn’t hard
I try to laugh
Pretending to be happy
I don’t know if i feel comfortable”



Bonus : Suzy ‘Holiday’ feat DPR live

Bonus : Babylon ‘Lalala’ feat Chungha

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What do you think of Babylon Suzy out of breath ?? Does their music style suit your taste ??