Olltii 8 beat album | 8 Bit sounds with Olltii style

Olltii 8 beat Album. Olltii release a new album to continue his busy activitiy on 2019. Lets keep going!

Olltii 8 beat

Olltii have been busy this year: Release Obvious Money talks album, was having a diss battle with Uneducated Kid & Join this year Show Me The money 8. The last part was a big what if because once again Olltii were eliminated before the round that everyone waiting for, Diss battle round. Move on to new things, Olltii decide to work on new album with retro game concept as music, 8 beat.


Olltii 8 beat tracklist

  • Press start feat Kim Sohye
  • Town
  • NPC
  • Party feat Stella Jang, Punchnello & Young B
  • Be a King
  • Potion feat Don Mills & G2
  • Coin Rush feat Hash Swan
  • The end feat Yang soon

Olltii Press start MV  feat Kim Sohye Music video

Press start, let’s go back to time of retro game in the arcade. Olltii using the beat that comes out from retro game, it even sounds like an BGM of old school RPG games. It helps the Music video use an old school 8 bit adventure game as an animation. As someone who born in the arcade & NES era, the music & MV really hits home.



Olltii is not only busy with things i mention above, there’s also ongoing 7indays Freestyle cypher where Olltii is freestyling with guest artist. The latest artist to join is fellow SMTM 8 contestant Takuwa! Check out their freestyle in the latest episode of Olltii 7indays.

Olltii 7indays with Takuwa & BRIEL

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What do you think of Olltii 8 beat Album ? Does the music style suit your taste ??


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