Bewhy The Movie Star | Transcend MV released

Bewhy The Movie Star. 3rd album of SMTM 8 producer Bewhy who have been having a really busy 2019.

Bewhy Transcend

This year Bewhy had a chance to work with DJ Khaled as one of the winner of MBC Kill BIll, yet because of issue between production team and DJ Khaled they havent been able to work together. Afterwards, Bewhy become SMTM 8 producer and have a really busy schedule thanks to the new rules & Format. Yet he still found time to work on his 3rd album, Bewhy The Movie Star.


Bewhy the Movie star tracklist

  • Adaptation
  • Won
  • I did it feat Crush
  • The Mainland feat Simba Zawadi
  • The greatest Man feat Verbal Jint
  • Leading Actor
  • Rose feat Sumin
  • Challan
  • Transcend feat Cjamm
  • Gotassadae
  • Protagonist

Bewhy Gotassadae Music Video

Bewhy gottasadae! Which one made more impact? Bewhy Hook or the fast pace rap that follow? Because Bewhy been reposting insta story/post of people jumping to Gotassadae hook and his no need oxygen rap. Gottasadae is produced, composed & written by Bewhy himself just like most of the track inside the album.



Another track from Bewhy The Movie Star album who got as much love as the title track is ‘Transcend’ featuring Cjamm. Bewhy also just release the Music Video for the Music video. Transcend is one of the most popular track to perform especially if the two best friends attend the events/concerts together.

Bewhy Cjamm ‘transcend’

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