Woogie Hwasa of Mamamoo In The Fall

Neon naege sureul gwonhajima. Huhoehal geol ara~ The lyrics was a hit last year. Now the producer behind the track and the singer Woogie Hwasa of Mamamoo just collaborate again!

Woogie Hwasa

Last year (2018), Loco, Hwasa & Woogie collaborate for chart topping & award winning song ‘Don’t give it to me / Jujima’. Now, producer Woogie gonna collaborate once again with Hwasa for an autumn/fall track. This is a little spoiler but the new track of Woogie & Hwasa is perfect for the autumn season.


Woogie Hwasa in the fall MR Removed version (Hwasa Vocal )

Woogie on and on~ That’s the signature sound of producer Woogie who produce the track.  I dont need to write anything about Hwasa voice, just take a listen at MR removed version (Vocal only) version of ‘In The Fall’. The Single album have another name ‘化-室:atelier’. Hwasa plan to continue working with more producer in the future to show more of Ahn Hyejin Musicality. Now thats something we gonna look forward to!



Not only release the official track & MR removed version, they also release a piano version of ‘In The Fall’. TMI : SMTM 8 Winner Punchnello is in the studio because he’s helping write lyrics for ‘In The Fal’

Woogie Hwasa of Mamamoo  in The Fall piano version

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