Bryn Lilly | Comeback after SMTM 8

Bryn comeback!! After SMTM 8 ended, Bryn already looking forward to new music project, Bryn Lilly just released

Bryn Lilly

Last year (SMTM 777) there was not a single female rapper that passed the 3rd round (Only Swervy who eliminated in the round). This season (SMTM 8) Bryn goes as far as the semifinal, prove that there still so much talent of female rapper in the khiphop music scene. Now Bryn back again, with a track titled Lily right after the season ended.


Bryn Lilly audio

“And you will always be the prey or the plaything of the devils and fools in this world, if you expect to see them going about with horns or jangling their bells“.That’s the quote of Arthur Schopenhauer a 19th century Philosopher who Bryn write as inspiration of Lily. Lily is produced by LnB who already produce track for Giriboy. Moon, Nafla & Bigone in the pasts.



Bryn SMTM 8 performance, ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ with Mckdaddy

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