Harsh Simple Things | Debut EP of Harsh

Harsh debut!! New R&B Singer Harsh debut in 2019 with an EP. Harsh Simple things, Just keep it simple!

Harsh Simpe THings

Why the stage name Harsh ?? The R&B singer Harsh actually share the story about how her real name sound plain so she ended up with the stage Harsh because she enjoy the result of hard work. Harsh now debut with an EP titled simpe things, just like the title name, just keep it simple!

Harsh Simple Things tracklist

  • Simpe Things
  • Secret
  • Officete Club
  • Propose
  • Drive

Harsh Simple Things lyric video

When everything feel so complicated lets try to keep everything simple. Simple things is not only a song for the listener but for Harsh herself. Just keep it simple : Go love someone when you fall in love, go meet your friends when they want to see you, just take it easy.



‘Drive’ Music video

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What do you think about Harsh debut EP? Does the music style suit your taste ??


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