AOMG Sign Here Ep 7 | Contestant Producer Collab

What if up & rising contestant collaborate with Up & Rising producer ?? That’s what happen last night on AOMG Sign Here Ep 7. Let’s check it out !

AOMG SIgn Here Ep 7

Previous episode introduce us to the new round format. In this Top 9 Round, Contestant will draw a lottery to pick producer they gonna collaborate with. Then they will produce & perform a song which live crowd (total of 200 votes) & AOMG Judges (total of 200 votes) gonna score. Top 6 survived, bottom 3 eliminated.


AOMG Sign here Ep 7 Producer

AOMG Sign Here ep 6



Niihwa x Juniorchef feature SAAY

Singer rapper songwriter Niihwa collaborate with Juniorchef!! Juniorchef is the producer behind hit track It G Ma! Niihwa is a big fan of It G Ma and become a fan of Juniorchef ever since. The track also feature, SAAY!! R&B singer SAAY featured in the track, harmony of their voice is just perfect.


MBA x Goosebumps

Goosebumps on the track! MBA is collaborating with producer Goosebumps who just make multiple hit tracks such as H1GHRMUSIC ‘Water’ & Simon Dominic latest album.  MBA went to Darkroom studio which also the 2nd home for Rapper Simon Dominic (Remember Ssamd I live alone episode?). Despite doesnt have any featurings, MBA really show energetic stage that worth the beat!



Ryno x Louis Maui feat Coogie

Louis Maui is a producer behind lots of MKITRAIN member track including Nafla x Loopy ‘Ice King’. Ryno who have resurgence since appearance on SMTM 6 just keep improving. Coogie come as a featuring, make Coogie the only rapper to feature in all 4 Survival show that air in 2019 : Show Me The Money, School Rapper, Kill BIll & Sign Here.


There’s not yet AOMG Sign Here ep 7 English subs. You can watch the raw episode HERE



AOMG SIgn Here ep 7 is not over yet, Who gonna pass & who gonna be eliminated ? Check the Next Page!