Mic Swagger 5 MC | JJK Of ADV

(nearly) Every year, Nuol release a new season of Mic swagger, counting it to the 5th occasion, not only new guest Mic Swagger 5 also have a new MC, JJK of ADV

Mic Swagger 5

Mic Swagger is a Youtube series started by Nuol who started out as a rapper turn into producer & Content creator. Nuol start the first season of Mic Swagger start in 2009 and hosted up & coming rapper who become household name today in Korea hip hop industry such as Swings, Paloalto, The Quiett, Zico & Park Kyung. Now JJK become the host/MC of the program.

JJK Mic Swagger 5 host

Following the previous season, Mic Swagger need a MC/Host that can freestyle. Host need to introduce the guest, rap in transition when beat change following guest lyrics and wrap up the ‘cypher’ in an interesting way.

Previous Mic Swagger MC 

  • Season 1 : SoolJ
  • Season 2 : HuckleberryP
  • Season 3 : Zizo
  • Season 4 : Olltii
  • Season 5 : JJK



JJK debut long time ago in 2006. One of the veteran of music industry, JJK is also known as the leader of ADV Crew. JJK announcement as the new Host of Mic Swagger caught lots of people by surprised consider JJK latest music release is back in 2017. Now a parent, JJK more involved in behind the scene work, often spotted with Hilite records artist.

JJK Appearance as a guest in Mic Swagger III

Make sure to follow JJK on Instagram : @advjjking. He gonna host up & coming rapper of 2019 in future Mic Swagger episode !



You can watch Mic Swagger 5 episode on their youtube channel