George LEEEE | A New Story of Friendship

George LEEEE. A new Story of Friendship from George who currently busy living his life in Seoul.

George Leeeee

George is part of Craft & Jun Agency & WYBH Family. Known for his songs that have chill vibes, George once again back with a EP LEEE. He’s been busy recently : Release a single camping everywhere, Feature in fellow WYBH member ChoiLB x Kim Seungminn on SMTM 8 & Have a solo concert.

George LEEEE Tracklist

  • Idkyet
  • Aura feat Sam Kim
  • Nuclear family
  • Maybe
  • All day

The album is about more matured George. Just like a caterpillar living the tree before transform to butterfly and leave the tree, George is now more mature as a person even though he knows he won’t be a perfect butterfly.

George Nuclear Family Music video

Do you remember George latest Music video for the song Camping Everywhere ?? Nuclear Family actually have similiar vibes, George who is a Daegu native now feel more comfortable with his close friends rather than relatives. Something that lot of us can relate.



Another title track inside of George LEEEE EP is Aura feature Antenna Music Sam Kim. This song was actually not exactly a new song because George already sing it as part of performance multiple times.

George ‘Aura’ feat Sam Kim

George ‘Boat’ MV

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