AOMG Sign Here Ep 6 | Road to Top 9

AOMG Sign Here Ep 6 gonna make us say good bye to 6 more contestant. Last 2 team battle & road to Top 9. It’s getting closer.

AOMG Sign here Ep 6


Previous Episode introduce us to each producer team member.5 teams is going to battle each other in the 3rd round. Winner will be safe from elimination, loser eliminated while the rest need to eliminate 1 member from their team. Only 9 will be left to survive after this round.


Special Panelist for AOMG Sign Here ep 6


Team woo Wonjae performance

AOMG Maknae Woo wonjae gonna work with his team member : Blue whale, Dope Doug & Sojuboi for the performance. Helping in producing the music is Woo wonjae best friend KHYO (Or was known with the stage name Kidoh in the past). Woo wonjae also featuring in the awesome track, the downside is the member make a slight mistake in the live performance.



Team GRAY performance

Another fun fact about producer GRAY : He have so many beats!! Not losing to the latest producer Cokun, GRAY also have so many unreleased music & beats in his hardisk. Despite all the good beats, GRAY decide to make a new one for his team member, a beat that will suit every member (OSAMARI, Blacknine & Niihwa) style of sing/rap.



Performance score & elimination

AOMG Sign Here Ep 6

  1. Team Jay Park 346 (Save from elimination)
  2. Team Code Kunst 336 (Eliminate Seungrae
  3. Team GRAY 332 (Eliminate Blacknine)
  4. Team SImon Dominic 324 (Eliminate Yella D)
  5. Team woo Wonjae 290 (Blue Whale, Dope Doug & Sojuboi ELIMINATED)


Survived contestant : Join top 9

AOMG Sign Here ep 6

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AOMG SIgn Here ep 6 is not over yet, there’s a new round performance in collaboration with talented producer Next Page!