Baek Yerin JYP Part ways | Start own agency with close one

Baek Yerin JYP Entertainment part ways. A long time JYP artist Baek yerin decide to part ways with the company, now gonna start own company.

Baek Yerin have been JYP artist since more than a decade (Trainee since 2007, officially debut in 2012). Was part of 15& duo with Park Jimin. Baek Yerin decide to not extend her contract (expires in september) with JYP entertainment, opt to create new agency with close friends.


Baek Yerin JYP entertainment part ways letter

Baek Yerin JYP

“Hello, this is (Baek) Yerin
The weather is very cold recently, Are you okay?
Sadly, my contract with JYP expired on September 14th
I’ve been a part of JYP for a long time of 12 years, since i was still a grade schooler.
I’ve blessed with many opportunities, although im still lacking they teach me many things, im grateful to president (JYP) who affection is like my own parent, teacher & Guardian. To JYP & everyone (Staff/fellow artist) we decided to be a best friends now.

With the help of close friends, im going to start my own label! It’s sad because we’ve been together (with JYP) for a long time, and doing everything on my own is quite scary. But i want to gather up my strength and expect great things!

I will keep improving, i’m grateful for everyone support & love!”




Baek Yerin 2007 cover Beyonce ‘Listen’

Baek Yerin already known to the public since she was in elementary school (around 10 years old) when she appear on SBS program “Star King” back in 2007. She covered Beyonce ‘Listen’ and make everyone fall in love with her voice.



Baek Yerin JYP latest song ‘Maybe its not our fault’

Baek Yerin were always loved by korean & international fans alike. Her latest albumOur love is great’ have songs that top not one or two South korean music chart, achieve all kill (top all Major South Korea music charts). Despite now not under big entertainment, we believe Baek Yerin will still be loved by everyone whenever she decide to release new music. TMI : She’s also in a band called the Volunteers

The volunteers summer MV

Make sure to follow Baek Yerin on Instagram : @Yerin_The_genuine. Baek Yerin also plan to release a new song with Band “The Volunteers’ in October !



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