Chillin Homie GROOVL1N | SMTM 777 & 8 contestant

Chillin Homie GROOVL1N. Ravi really going all in on his new hip hop label by signing another up & coming rapper Chillin Homie.

Chillin Homie Groovl1n

Chillinhomie the savior. Last year we were surprised by the arrival of Chillin Homie on SMTM 777. He keep rising this year, goes as far as the 6 round on SMTM 8, raising more expectation. Now he’s signed to GROOVL1N, a new hiphop label by Ravi of VIXX, can’t wait more music & collaboration of Chillin Homie!

Chilling Homie SMTM Journey

The first major appearance of Chilln Homie is last year on SMTM 777. Chillin homie 2nd round (fire round) verse were fire and we were expecting more yet he’s eliminated because lyric mistake in the 3rd round ( 1 vs 1 vs 1 round) versus new Champ. This year Chillin Homie appear again and goes further until the diss battle yet eliminated because of the same mistake, forgetting his lyrics.

Chillin Homie join SMTM 8 adidas cypher with Ahn Byungwoong & The Quiett



NFL Crew

Chillin homie is also a part of NFL (Naughty for life) crew which rising this year. Probably known more for their member appearance on both hip hop survival show School Rapper & Show Me The Money.

NFL Crew member :

  • Rohann / Webster B (School rapper 2)
  • Goi (School rapper 3
  • Eptend (SMTM 8)
  • KHAN (SMTM 8)
  • Chillin homie (SMTM 777 & 8)


Chillin Homie GROOVL1N

GROOVL1N is a new agency that were made few months ago by RAVI. So far each member already release a track & Collaborations with each other. Chillin Homie add more flair to already potential lineup of artists

Chillin Homie GROOVL1N member alongside : 

  • Xydo
  • RAVI
  • Coldbay


Make sure to follow Chillin Homie GROOVL1N on instagram : @Chillinhomiethesavior ; @GROOVL1Nofficial



What do you think of Chillin Homie GROOVL1N ?? Do you think they suit each other ?? Let us know in the comment section below