SMTM 8 Ep 8 | Its time for Crew Revenge battle !!

SMTM 8 Ep 8 . After the intense diss battle, they gonna have crew revenge battle !! Half of them gonna be eliminated this episode, only 8 will remain

SMTM 8 Ep 8

Previous episode we saw one of the most heated diss battle in SMTM. The tense atmosphere, rough lyrics & attacking props were common thing in Diss Battle. After they fighting each other, they gonna collaborate with each other?? MNET really give the utmost challenge to the contestant this year on SMTM 8.


SMTM 8 crew revenge rule : Contestant will battle their previous diss battle enemy (except Punchnello who gonna battle Donutman because Chillin homie was eliminated). 200 audience which have been selected at random gonna pick between two contestant.


Takuwa (win) x Woodie Gochild

After battling each other last episode, Takuwa & woodie gochild gonna perform together !! THe diss battle that happen last week is really thing of a past because both of them have so much fun preparing the song! Woodie Gochild practice hard to sing the hook for the song, did really well consider he’s not a singer & Takuwa show a fast paced rap that we havent seen he perforn on previous episode.

Takuwa score : 120
Woodie Gochild score : 80



Punchnello (win) x Donutman

Okay the preparation is not perfect for Punchnello who keep forgetting his lyrics. But on stage he deliver!! On the stage, Punchnello is really show why he’s one of the winning contender. Donutman also did really well despite of the lopsided score, at least we not only gonna remember Donutman with Mommy Son Catchprase “Donutman Mianhae, Sorry i didnt give you the mic“. He did really well on this year SMTM 8.

Punchnello score : 180
Donutman score : 20


EK (Win) x Zene The Zilla

SMTM is not only a place that benefit rapper or contestant, it’s also showcase producer / beatmaker ability! For this battle, we got producer Badassgatsby & SLO producing the beat that suit both of them. Without need to yield to the others, both EK & Zene The ZIlla still perform to their strength with this beat.

EK score ; 131
Zene the Zilla score : 69



ChoiLB x  Kim Seungmin

After WYBH diss battle last episode, we got a WYBH collaboration today !! Both ChoiLB & kim Seungmin is from WYBH crew, often hang out, play futsal & perform together. Tonight performance also have WYBH flavor : Beat produced by Giriboy, ChoiLB, Kim Seungmin collaboration & a featuring with George! The crowd chanting to WYBH in the end describe this performance, Say Wujubihaeng !!

ChoiLB score : 128
Kim Seungmin Score : 72


Check out all SMTM 8 contestant HERE. There’s not yet SMTM 8 Ep 8 English subs but you can watch the RAW version HERE 



SMTM 8 Ep 8 is not over. There still more great performance & collaboration in the next page !