Paul Kim Heize Peakboy | Hangout with Yoo Ep 8

Paul Kim Heize Peakboy Collaboration. This collaboration could happen because MBC program Hangout with Yoo / How do you play !

Paul Kim Heize

Hangout with Yoo/How do you play is a tv program of MBC started earlier this year. July 2019. Directed by former Infinite Challenge PD Kim Taeho,, the program have a new project called yooplash (Inspired by movie titled Whiplash). In the 8th episode with Hangout with yoo, Paul Kim Heize & Peakboy gonna participate. 2 Digital Music monster + talented producer ?? Lets go !


Previous Episode :

The project is a relay music project (artist suggest another artist) starting from Yoo Jaesuk drums. The last part of this song project gonna be with singer Paul Kim & Heize who work for the first time & producer Peakboy who gonna help compose & master the tracks.

  • Yoo Jaesuk Drums
  • Lee Juck (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Sunwoo Junga (Chorus)
  • Jung Donghwan of Melomance (keyboard)
  • Lee Taeyoon (Bass)

Paul Kim x Heize collaboration

This is the first time that Paul Kim & Heize meet & collaborate together. They actually have been wanting to collaborate with each other yet because of their busy schedule they never got the time. Paul Kim agency member producer Peakboy also gonna help mix & master the track as a sound engineer.


Both of them is the king & queen of DIgital charts. Paul Kim perform live version of hit song ‘So Long‘ for Hotel Del luna OST while Heize sing her hit song ‘You Clouds Rain’ live.

Paul Kim ‘So Long‘ & Heize ‘You Clouds Rain’ Live



Heize Variety show.

This is not the first time that Yoo Jaesuk & Heize meet. They already met few years ago in an episode of Happy together. Yoo Jaesuk still remember Heize fun episode though! one of the most memorable moment of Heize is when she’s imitate Simon Dominic with the Busan accent. Heize still want to try out variety show yet her agency haven’t allowed her to go there yet.



Peakboy , Friends of popular artists ??

Producer peakboy is still not that yet known compared to Paul Kim & Heize. But he’s actually a close friend of popular artist !! Yoo Jaesuk search about Peakboy on the internet and found that Peakboy is a close friend of :

  • V of BTS
  • Park Seojun
  • Choi Wooshik
  • Park hyungsik


Even though this is the first time they working together, they already have a great chemistry together !! The song gonna be released soon so make sure to check it out!

Paul Kim Heize chemistry



Bonus : Peakboy is just a gust of wind


Make sure to follow Paul Kim Heize Peakboy on Instagram :@pkalbum ; @heizeheize ; @realpeakboy . If you want to watch How do you Play eng sub you can watch it HERE



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