SMTM 8 Ep 7 | The next legendary Diss battle ?

SMTM 8 EP 7 is the most intense episode of SMTM so far, why? Because it’s time for Diss battle!! Who will win this battle ?? 40 Crew or BGM-V crew ??

SMTM 8 Ep 7

Last episode we saw the team mission battle that produce great songs and also eliminate 4 contestant. After a battle to survive, this episode will be a battle against the opposite crew!! There’s been 4 instance where diss battle happen in the past SMTM seasons, can SMTM 8 diss battle surpass the predecessor ??


SMTM 8 athletic Championship

Before SMTM 8 Ep 7 start & we go to the intense diss battle, let’s relax a bit with SMTM 8 Athletic championship !! Not only Idol groups with ISAC (idol Star Athletic championship), SMTM rapper also gonna show their athletic prowess !! Or the lack there of…

SMTM 8 Ep 7 Diss battle lineup

SMTM 8 ep 4

There will be 3 round of 3 vs 3 battle (except 1 because 40 crew have less member). The loser of the overall diss battle (2 out of 3) will lost one of their member at the end of the episode.

  • Jjangyou x Punchnello x ChoilB vs Kim Seungmin x Yunhway
  • YunB x Bryn X Donutman vs YoungB X Mckdaddy X Chillin Homie
  • EK vs Zene The ZIlla Lil Tachi vs Big Naughty Woodie Gochild vs Takuwa



Jjangyou & punchnello vs Yunhway

Yunhway is the odd one out for battling 2 people at the same time (because 40 crew have less member after Owen Ovadoz eliminated), Jjangyou Sings in this battle though, why ?? The main point is because Yunhway a singer not a rapper. Jjangyou voice is so good though, hope he mix his singing to songs in later round

Meanwhile Punchnello is probably have the best concept. Yunhway blue Hair wig, Teriyaki Shirt, Did Yunhway 119 remix verse, act forgetting the lyrics just to say “Can i have 1 more chance?” (Refer to Yunhway that passed on 2nd round while forget the lyrics).  Oh and last but not least, DJ Oppa lets get it ~


Yunhway Diss against Punchnello

Having disadvantage, Yunhway need to diss 2 competitors which means double the preparation time. For Jjangyou, Yunhway bring the whole arsenal by asking the crowd if they know wabisabiroom (Jjangyou Crew with Aesop & Jflow). For Punchnello Yunhway bring back Nello past with the lyrics ‘HIGHGRND disappear, Cokun AOMG but doesn’t take you”, oh giving a teddy bear to punchnello for the finish.



Kim Seungmin vs CHoilB diss battle

The battle of WYBH !! ChoilB & kim Seungmin is a member of WYBH crew. The battle have high expectation, maybe too high. ChoiLB start the diss with a lyrics of Kim Seungmin that haven’t release an album yet That thing on his wrist Rolex, If you got money go buy equipment to make an album”.


Meanwhile Kim Seungmin goes intense from the beginning. One of the lyrics from Kim Seungmin diss “Bewhy Slicing steaks while you just eat bowl of rice, all his friend are superstar but his bank is empty”ChoiLB was part of Sexystreet crew where Cjamm & Bewhy is also a member of. Well the diss didnt live up to the hype. highlight of the battle is still punchnello laughing over his friend (ChoiLB) getting dissed.


Check out all SMTM 8 contestant HERE. There’s not yet SMTM 8 Ep 7 English subs but you can watch the RAW version HERE 



SMTM 8 Ep 7 is not over. There still more intense diss battle in the next page !