GRAY Dynamic Duo Boi B & Geegooin | Hangout with Yoo Ep 8

GRAY Dynamic Duo Boi B & Geegooin. This collaboration happen because of TV program! MBC Hangout with Yoo / How Do you Play.

GRAY Dynamic Duo

Hangout with Yoo/How do you play is a tv program of MBC started earlier this year. July 2019. Directed by former Infinite CHallenge PD Kim Taeho,, the program have a new project called yooplash (Inspired by movie titled Whiplash). In the 8th episode with Hangout with yoo, GRAY Dynamic Duo Boi B & Geegooin gonna continue the music relay project.


Previous episode , before GRAY Dynamic Duo Geegooin & Boi B participate

Yoo Jaesuk have been having a relay music project from one artist to another, starting from yoo jaesuk drum. They need a producer who can make their instrument mesh up together well, here comes AOMG producer GRAY ~

  • Yoo Jaesuk (Drum)
  • Yoo heeyeol (piano)
  • Lee Yoon Sang (Bass) --
  • Lee Sang soon (acoustic guitar)
  • Jung Jukjae (electric guitar)



Most of the time, GRAY is working at his studio ‘GRAYGROUND’, the place where multiple hit tracks were born. TMI : Not only GRAY, there’s also producer DAX who always help GRAY whenever he produce a track.



Even though GRAY never receive a proper classical music lesson (Self taught), GRAY still awe Yoo Jaesuk & cast who is proper pianist (Lee Juck, Yoo Heeyeol & Kim Donghwan of melomance). GRAY play the piano intro of Woo wonjae ‘We Are’ & LocoHold Me Tight’

GRAY piano skills



GRAY Music style

Prodcuer GRAY love to play with the rhythm of the song. Adding melody & different element to a song so a song didnt sound repetitive & Boring. GRAY also introduce Yoo Jaesuk to the world of beats, introducing element like snares, 808 beats & many more which gonna be added to the song.



GRAY finish the demo version of the song, while also add a vocal guide for future artist collaboration. GRAY also pass the baton to Dynamic Duo hyungnim because he think having a rapper verse will add more dynamic to the song.

Demo/Guide Version of the song produced by GRAY



Dynamic duo , Geegooin & BoiB join

Not only Dynamic duo, Rhythm Power member Boi B & geegooin also gonna participate in the song! They gonna have a rap relay (Just like a cypher) between 4 of them and tell their growing up story, just like the program name, the concept is ‘How Do you Play‘. TMI : Geegooin also dress up because he knows the program in MBC TV channel and his mom love to watch the channel.


Gaeko, Choiza, Geegooin & Boi B Record the music produced by GRAY.

Make sure to follow GRAY dynamic duo Geegooin & Boi B on instagram : @Callmegray ; @choiza11 ; @gaekogeem ; @geegooin ; @Rtpwboib . If you want to watch How do you Play eng sub you can watch it HERE



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