Uglyduck Men in Black | feature Chloe Devita

Uglyduck Men in Black. A new single album of AOMG artist Uglyduck. It’s the 2nd collaboration with singer from 8balltown Chloe devita in the past year.

Uglyduck Mein in Black

Uglyduck now known more as a DJ/producer rather than rapper, understandable because Uglyduck rarely release track since 2016, only a collaboration track with Puff Daehee (Kirin) & Chloe devita titled ‘Sugar’ released. He haven’t lost his flow as a rapper though, last year participate in GRAY 119 Remix.


Uglyduck Men in Black tracklist

  • MIB feat Chloe Devita
  • Money Talks feat Chloe Devita

Uglyduck Money talks feat Chloe devita audio

There’s a lot of song about money, flex & riches recently. But Uglyduck saw it from different perspective : “Money Makes the World Go Round” ,Money talks is a song about how money make we quantify everything in life yet we can’t live without it. Just like the lyrics “I know more money more problems, without it (life) is more difficult”. Chloe devita hook also make the song that based on jazz melody more enjoyable



Uglyduck join AOMG in 2014, already have lots of memorable track. One of the most sucessful release from Ulgyduck is a collaboration album with Jay ParkScene Stealer’. One of the track Ain’t no party like an AOMG party‘ is still one of AOMG must have song in concert & events.

Jay Park & Uglyduck ‘Aint no party like an AOMG party’

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Pics source : Uglyduck instagram