Geeks If You | Lil Boi & Louie after 2 years

Geeks if You. After 2 years of doing solo activities, Louie & Lil Boi have a new song together~. we’ve been officially missing you ~.

Geeks If You

Geeks already have a lengthy career in hip hop industry since 2011. Start with the hit track Officially missing you, Geeks have numerous hit track that loved by everyone. Now Lil Boi & Louie have their own venture, Lil Boi start a new agency with Takeone ‘HALFTIME records‘. Meanwhile Louie also appear on last Season SMTM 7 while exploring new endeavor, one of it as co radio DJ.


Geeks if You audio

It’s the end of summer and Geeks have something light to enjoy the summer. The track use guitar as base, played by guitarist Bang Jaein & produced by producer Gang uk. The music is for everyone who gonna drive on vacation to the sea’s in the summer. Louie is singing the hook while Lil Boi adding adlibs in sync. At this point, we take their chemistry for granted but it’s not an easy things to do.



Geeks not only remake the popular song of Tamia ‘Officially Missing you’ and make it a hit in South Korea once again. There’s also a track of Urban Zakapa‘Cafe latte‘ that remixed by Lil Boi & Louie into their own style.

Geeks ‘Cafe Latte‘ remix (Original Urban Zakapa)

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