AOMG Sign Here Ep 3 | Long awaited performance, Special Judge

AOMG SIgn Here Ep 3 start ! This episode not only show the long awaited performance of the 1st round but also the start of a new round, 2 vs 2 battle!

AOMG Sign Here Ep 3

Previous episode show us talented artists that join AOMG Sign here as a contestant. It’s not over yet though, the 1st round still have many artist that gonna show their talent !! Just a reminder, In the 1st round there’s 50 judge panelist who can give contestant All Pass / All Fail.. If the judge panelist have different opinion, the AOMG Judges gonna give the verdict on whether a contestant pass / eliminated.



MBA Crew & Jongup of BAP (pass)

“Welcome to my sinlimdong yeogi pumpkin trap house”. MBA crew join this year Sign here!! While EK is battling Zene The Zilla in SMTM 8, the rest of MBA Crew (Cova, Anngyeungjaebee, Munchman, GV, Make a Movie & Bola). There’s a nice touch by MBA crew who change a swearing word into Pumpkin for broadcasting purpose,


One of the most anticipated contestant in AOMG SIgn Here. Moon Jongup from B.A.P join this year as one of the contestant of AOMG Sign Here. Not only the panelist, the judges even surprised by the appearance of Jongup. Jongup pass to the next round ! Who will Jongup collaborate with in the 2nd round ??


School Rapper contestant : Blue whale & Cloudybay (pass)

Not only former SMTM contestant that perform and awe the judges in the first round. There’s also two former School rapper contestant !! Former School rapper 3 finalist Blue whale & School rapper 2 contestant Cloudybay is also join AOMG sign here as contestant. They both awe Code Kunst who used to be School rapper 3 mentor.

Blue whale ‘Blue Moon’



AOMG Sign Here Ep 3 2nd round 2 vs 2 battle !!

AOMG sign Here ep 3

AOMG Sign here 2nd round introduce us to 2nd round battle ! The different between SMTM is that AOMG judges gonna decide the pairing & battle so it fair & interesting (Crew vs crew / singer vs singer / rapper vs rapper) and so on.

Here’s the confirmed contestant pairing so far

  • Osamari x Seungrae
  • MBA x Jongup
  • Blacknine x ssin
  • Rhino x Meloh
  • Niihwa x Maddox
  • Bluewhale x Yella D
  • Sogumm x Hippy was Gipsy
  • Choi Seohyun x Dope Doug
  • Part Time Cooks x Sojuboi
  • 2 not revelead yet



Watch AOMG sign Here Ep 3 English subs HERE



What do you think of AOMG Sign Here EP 3 so far?? There’s still more contestant performance in the next page !