TSUN 12 AM remix | With long time friend Niihwa

TSUN 12 AM remix version. After release the original version last month, TSUN is back with a remix version that feature AOMG Sign Here contestant Niihwa.

TSUN 12 am

TSUN officially debut on 2017 with the track ‘Tell Me‘, the first track of TSUN is actually written & composed by Niihwa. 2 years passed and Niihwa gonna collaborate again with TSUN, this time on the remix version of 12 AM, the track that TSUN release last month on August 2018. TSUN unique voice + Niihwa sweet voice = bless.


TSUN 12 AM remix feat Niihwa

12 AM is use producer Zighway guitar as the base. The remix version have more subtle music compared to the original one who use some electronic sounds. Niihwa who currently competing on AOMG Sign here as a contestant featured in th e remix version. TSUN also add english translation for 12 am Remix lyrics in the music video, thanks!



TSUN Actually already start her career as a musician since 2015 when she’s start uploading songs to her soundcloud. Include featuring TSUN already have 20 official tracks released,

Check out TSUN track ‘DM Me’ feature Horim

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