Grizzly Chungha Run | Collaboration for a summer song !

Grizzly Chungha Run !! Grizzly & Chungha collaborate for a summer song titled run. How do Chungha & Grizzly meet ?? Let’s get to know their story !

Grizzly Chungha

Grizzly is a rising R&B Singer from EGO entertainment that been working not only as singer but also as songwriter & producer. Earlier this year, Grizzly joined SBS program for not yet known artists ‘The Fan’ (Crush reccomended Grizzly). Chungha meanwhile have been starting to rise as one of South Korea digital monster, going high in music charts whenever release new track.


Grizzly Chungha Run Live clip

So how does Grizzly & Chungha meet ?? Grizzly actually write, composed & produce Chungha debut track ‘Week’ back on 2017. Since then Grizzly have been acquainted & keep in contact with Chungha that fruit into this collaboration. Run use R&B sound with synth pop, combine it with Grizzly & Chungha voice and we got a perfect summer song !!



Check out Chungha debut song that Grizzly help in write, compose & produced. Musically, they perfect in harmony.

Chungha ‘Week’ Music video

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