Cox Billy Donemse | feat Dopa & Ben Utomo , Shoot at Indonesia

Cox Billy Money !! This year SMTM 8 give us a surprise contestant in Cox Billy. Now after the show ended, he open his mask & release a new song. Cox BIlly donemse.

Cox Billy Donemse

Who is Cox Billy ?? The masked rapper make everone curious with his real identity since he first come to SMTM 8. In the 4th round of SMTM 8 Cox BIlly reveal his identity before battling MCkdaddy. It’s actually J Kyun !! Cox BIlly is Jkyun other persona with different type of music genre, this is not rare in Korea music scene, there’s also Mommy Son who i think everyone know who he is and Laptopboy who is producer name of futuristic swaver.


Cox Billy Donemse feat Dopa & Ben Utomo Music Video

Not only feature a rapper from indonesia, Ben utomo. The Music video for Donemse is also shoot at Indonesia! What is the connection between Cox BillY & Indonesia though ?? Cox BIlly actually went to indonesia to shoot this MV and probably a project with All Day Music.We still waiting for that Jakarta Cypher release !



J’kyun already have a lengthy career, more than 14 years in South Korea hip hop scene. But now he’s journey as Cox BIlly just start. Will it be a one time stint or will the career of former Lucky J member gonna be rejuvenated ?

Cox BIlly reveal on SMTM 8 ep 4

Cox Billy at Indonesia

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